October Sky (1999): Ask for Help


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The clip ask for help from October Sky (1999) with Chris Cooper, Natalie Canerday

Leon, what are you doing back here?
You know you shouldn't be seen back here.
I know, Elsie, but Homer's in trouble.
Elsie, I don't have the power to settle this strike.
The bosses listen to you. They'll do what you tell 'em.
I am not gonna crawl on my belly...
in front of those miserable uni�n rats.
Is that what this is about, John? Is this about your pride?
No, it's about what's best for Coalwood.
If this mine doesn't produce, then the town dies.
Think the uni�n gives a good damn about that?
They're nothin' but a bunch of greedy sons of bitches that...
Shut up, John. Just shut up.
Homer once said you love the mine more than your own family.
And I took up for you 'cause I didn't wanna believe it.
Homer has gotten a lot of help from the people in this town.
They've helped him build his rockets, they've gone out there and watched him fly 'em.
But not you, John. You never showed up. Not even once.
Now, I'm not asking you to believe in him,
but he's your son, for God's sake, John.
And I am askin' you to help him.
If you don't, I'll leave you.
I'll find work. I'll do whatever it takes to get away from here.
I'll live in a tree to get away from you. Don't you think I won't.
Where would you go?
Myrtle Beach.

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