October Sky (1999): Last Rocket Launch


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The clip last rocket launch from October Sky (1999)

It's our last rocket. Yeah, let's do it.
Wire it up for me, will ya? I gotta do something. Yeah.
Hi, Homer. Hi.
Congratulations on winning the science fair.
It's gotta be the most exciting thing that's ever happened around here.
Um, I was thinking, Homer, if, if you've got some time...
Excuse me, Dorothy. Hi. Hi.
Good luck. Thanks.
Hey, everybody, can we have your attention, please?
Come on, Homer, let her fly!
We're gonna launch the rocket in a minute, but we'd like to say thank you first.
If it wasn't for y'all, we'd never have gotten into any science fair.
We'd probably never have gotten past blowin' up my mom's fence.
But we did...
because of your help and support.
And this is for Coalwood.
There are a few people who believed in us even before we did.
We'd like to dedicate this rocket to them.
To Ike Bykovsky.
To Mr. Bolden, who helped us so much.
To the person who first inspired us,
our teacher, Miss Riley.
And, finally, I'd like to dedicate this rocket to my mom and to...

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