October Sky (1999): Homer's Real Hero


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The clip Homer's real hero from October Sky (1999) with Jake Gyllenhaal

You know, just, stuff like that takes time.
Will you let me out?
What are they doin', charging Olga for that.
Hell, I'm going to salvage something up here?
Hey, Dad. Hi. Hello, Homer.
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me.
I know it wasn't easy for you, so thank you.
And we're shootin' off our last rocket today at 5:00,
so if you'd like to come see it... I got a lot of work to do.
All right. Well, I just thought I'd ask.
Hear you met your big hero.
Didn't even know it.
I know you and me don't exactly see eye to eye on certain things.
I mean, we don't see eye to eye on just about anything.
But Dad, I come to believe that I got it in me to be somebody in this worid.
And it's not because I'm so different from you either.
It's 'cause I'm the same.
You know, I can be just as hardheaded and just as tough.
I only hope I can be as good a man as you are.
I mean, sure,
Dr. Von Braun's a great scientist,
but he isn't my hero.

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