Troy (2004): 12 Days Later


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The clip 12 days later from Troy (2004)

Open the gates! Open the gates!
Don't go too close, my king.
This is the will of the gods.
They desecrated the temple of Apollo...
...and Apollo desecrated their flesh.
They thought they could come here and sack our city in a day.
Now look at them, fleeing across the Aegean.
What is this?
An offering to Poseidon. The Greeks are praying for a safe return home.
I hope the sea god spits in their offering.
Lets them all drown at the bottom of the sea.
This is a gift. We should take it to the temple of Poseidon.
I think we should burn it.
Burn it?
My prince, it's a gift to the gods.
The prince is right.
I would burn the whole of Greece if I had a big enough torch.
I warn you, good men, be careful what you insult.
Our beloved Prince Hector had sharp words for the gods...

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