The Big Lebowski (1998): The Dude Visits Maude Again


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The clip The Dude visits Maude Again from The Big Lebowski (1998) with David Thewlis, Jeff Bridges

So you're Lebowski.
Maude has told me all about you.
She'll be back in a minute. Sit down.
Do you want a drink?
Yeah, sure. White Russian.
The bar's over there.
So what do you do, Lebowski?
Who the fuck are you, man?
Just a friend of Maudie's.
Yeah, the friend with the cleft asshole?
What do you do?
Oh, nothing much.
Yeah, how are you?
Listen, Maude,
I got to,...
Tender my resignation or whatever,
Because,... it looks like your mother
really was kidnapped after all.
She most certainly was not.
Hey, man, why don't you fucking...
Listen occasionally?
You might learn something.
Please don't call her my mother.
She's most definitely the perpetrator
and not the victim.
I'm telling you, I got pretty definitive evidence
From who?
From the main guy- Oolie.
Oolie Coco?
Her co-star in the beaver picture?
Beaver? you mean vagina
I mean, you know the guy?
I might have introduced them for all I know.

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