The Big Lebowski (1998): Walter


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The clip Walter from The Big Lebowski (1998) with Steve Buscemi, John Goodman

Slamming them tonight.
You guys are dead in the water.
All right! Way to go, Donny!
If you will it, it is no dream.
You're fucking 20 minutes late, man.
What the fuck is that?
Theodore Herzel.
The state of Israel. If you will it, Dude,
It is no dream.
What the fuck you talking about, man?
The carrier. What's in the fucking carrier?
Oh, Cynthia�s dog.
I think it's a Pomeranian.
I can't leave him home alone
or he eats the furniture.
I'm watching it
while Cynthia and Marty Ackerman
are in Hawaii.
You brought a fucking Pomeranian bowling?
What do you mean, "brought it bowling"?
I didn't rent it shoes,
I'm not buying it a fucking beer,
he's not taking your fucking turn, Dude.
Man, if my fucking ex-wife
asked me to take care of her fucking dog
while she and her boyfriend went to Honolulu,
I'd tell her to go fuck herself.
Why can't she board it?
First of all, Dude, you don't have an ex.
Secondly, this is a fucking show dog
with fucking papers.
You can't board it. It gets upset.
Its hair falls out.
The fucking dog has fucking papers.

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