The Big Lebowski (1998): Bunny Has Been Kidnapped


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The clip Bunny has been Kidnapped from The Big Lebowski (1998) with David Huddleston, Jeff Bridges

Excuse me?
Bunny Lebowski,
She is the light of my life.
Are you surprised at my tears, sir?
Fuckin' a.
Strong men also cry.
I received this fax this morning.
As you can see,
it is a ransom note.
"We have Bunnie. "
Written by men who are unable to achieve
on a level field of play.
"Gather one million dollars
in unmarked, non-consecutive twenties. "
"Await instructions. "
"No funny stuff. "
This is a bummer, man.
That's, that's a bummer.
Brandt will fill you in on the details.
Mr. Lebowski is prepared to make
a generous offer to you to act as courier
once we get instructions for the money.
Why me, man?
He believes the culprits might be the very people
who... soiled your rug,
and you're in a unique position
to confirm or disconfirm
that suspicion.
He thinks the carpet pissers did this?
Well, Dude, we just don't know.

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