The Big Lebowski (1998): Take It Easy


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The clip Take It Easy from The Big Lebowski (1998) with Jeff Bridges, John Goodman

You can't do that, man.
These guys, you know, they're like me.
They're pacifists.
Smokey was a conscientious objector.
You know, Dude, I, myself,
dabbled in pacifism at one point,
not in 'nam, of course.
And you know he's got emotional problems, man.
You mean, beyond pacifism?
He's fragile, Very fragile.
Huh. I did not know that.
.. it's all water under the bridge,
and we do enter the next round-robin.
Am I wrong?
No, you're not wrong.
Am I wrong?
You're not wrong, Walter,
you're just an asshole!
Ok, then.
We play Quintana and O�Brien next week.
They should be pushovers.
Man, will you just
Just take it easy, man.
You know, that's your answer for everything, Dude.
And let me point out something.
Pacifism is not look at our current situation
with that camelfucker in Iraq.
Pacifism is not something to hide behind.
Just take it easy, man.
I'm perfectly calm, Dude.
Yeah, waving the fucking gun around?
Calmer than you are.
Will you just take it easy?
Calmer than you are.

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