Coraline (2009): Coraline Shows Wybie the Door


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The clip coraline shows wybie the door from Coraline (2009)

Anybody here?
Hello? Hello, hello!
Real Dad?
Real Mom?
Oh, Mom's groceries!
That's disgusting.
I missed you guys so much, you'll never...
Oh. The Wybie that talks.
Yeah, so, you know that old doll I gave you?
My grandma's real mad.
Says it was her sister's.
The one that disappeared.
You stole that doll, didn't you?
Well, it looked just like you, and I figured...
It used to look like this pioneer girl, then Huck Finn Jr.,
then it was this Little Rascals chick
with all these ribbons and braids and...
Grandma's missing sister.
I think I just met her. Come on.
Listen, I'm really not supposed to...
She's in there.
Can you... Can you unlock it?
Not in a million years.
But it wouldn't matter.
She can't escape without her eyes.
None of the ghosts can.
Yeah. So I really need to get that doll.
Great! I'd love to get rid of it.
Where are you hiding, you little monster?
You and Grandma been talking?
The doll's her spy.
It's how she watches you, finds out what's wrong with your life.
The doll is my grandma's spy?
No. The other mother.
She's got this whole world where everything's better.
The food, the garden, the neighbors.
But it's all a trap.
Yeah, I think I heard someone calling me, Jonesy.
Don't believe me? You can ask the cat.

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