Coraline (2009): the Ghosts


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The clip the ghosts from Coraline (2009) with Hannah Kaiser, George Selick

Who's there?
Hush! And shush.
For the beldam might be listening.
You... You mean the other mother?
Who are you?
Don't remember our names,
but I 'member my true mommy.
Why are you all here?
The beldam.
She spied on our lives through the little doll's eyes.
And saw that we weren't happy.
So she lured us away with treasures. And treats.
And games to play.
Gave all that we asked.
Yet we still wanted more.
So we let her sew the buttons.
She said that she loved us.
But she locked us here.
And ate up our lives.
Well, she can't keep me in the dark forever.
Not if she wants to win my life.
Beating her is my only chance.
Perhaps, if you do win your escape,
you could find our eyes.
Has she taken those, too?
Yes, miss. And hidden them.
Find our eyes, mistress, and our souls will be freed.
I'll try.

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