My Date with Drew (2004): Meeting the Mentor


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The clip meeting the mentor from My Date with Drew (2004) with Bill D'Elia

♪ Inspires me without a sound. ♪
It was clear I needed help.
So I went to my friend and mentor Bill D'Elia.
I figured if anybody could give me guidance, it would be him.
See, Bill has been a successful director for many years.
And I respect the guy a lot. So it really mattered to me
what he thought of me and my quest.
I'll just tell you what I think.
Tell me.
First, I think it's a bad idea.
Second, when I was 27, I dreamed. My dream?
World peace, not Drew Barrymore. -
You're embarrassing yourself.
You think I'm going to get a date with her?
I don't know why.
Give me one reason why.
Well, why should she?
Why shouldn't she?
What does she have to lose?
What does she have to gain?
I not one of those people you just met on the street.
I'm a guy that knows you and cares about you
and I'm telling you this is a big mistake.
It's now "The Mistake"?
That's the second time I heard this was a mistake.
When's the first time?
I said it, then you did.
Could I be wrong?
It takes a big man to admit he could be wrong.
I could be wrong. You're not even admitting that you could be.
You think this is a great idea. You think this is "Gone With the Wind" for 2003.
A date with Drew Barrymore. You know what this is?
The dumbing of America is complete.
No no!
I hope for your sake it's successful.
Thank you.
I hope for America's sake it's a failure.
I had hoped Bill would make some calls for me-

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