My Date with Drew (2004): Making of the Trailer Part 5


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The clip making of the trailer Part 5 from My Date with Drew (2004) with George DelHoyo

I was gonna ask, actually not myself so much as you,
who is Stephanie Bedell?
Brian will interview Drew Barrymore's cousin?
Oh, that's awesome.
This was great news. This is a blood relative,
someone who could actually put a call in to Drew directly.
You guys know that I don't know her at all? Hi. I don't know her.
I've heard she's a lovely lovely woman.
Lovely, from so many people.
Let me just say, the biggest issue in my life is my body hair.
So do you think this is going to offend her?
Think this is something she wouldn't want to be around?
I'm thinking of getting it waxed.
We like to call it hirsute.
You don't know the word hirsute?
You're sort of swarthy.
Swarthy and hirsute. You should learn other words for hairy
since you are so.
As she caresses my hair like a teddy bear.
You're petting me. You were just petting me!
Well, there's a lot there.
I know.
This is what I'm saying. I'm insecure about it.
You're a handsome man.
Is this okay?
It's very, um...
You can't even look at it.
Look at her, she can't even look at it. Her eyes are closed.
Brett, what do you think of his hair?
It doesn't matter.
Watch it. It doesn't matter to you? Great.
I'll be honest. It creeps me out.
Am I really in trouble?
Oh my
I'm sorry.
Ow! Ow!
Why did you do that?
Can I explain this to you? They're going to put wax on your arms.
Then they're going to put tape.
Then she's going to go, "One, two,"
and before she's says three she's going to sneak attack and pull, okay?
Then she's going to take a tweezer.
I have some tweezers in my bag.
Should we do a little test run?
I'm not. No!
Okay, here we go.
Do it from his chest. Let's see what that feels like.
Wait a minute! How many are you doing?!
Just one.
Ah, ow!
It's funny, but after that night
I realized being a swarthy guy is really not that bad.

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