My Date with Drew (2004): Making of the Trailer Part 2


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The clip making of the trailer Part 2 from My Date with Drew (2004) with George DelHoyo

Does that work?
George had so much fun
that he didn't even charge us to use his voice,
which is a good thing, because that voice
costs more than my entire budget.
Drew, give me a shot.
Just one shot.
This is the trailer. This could be it.
We're waiting for a yes because of this envelope.
I'm giving it to our man Victor.
Thank you. Thank you, Victor.
Okay, thank you.
He says he's gonna be able to get to Flower Films in 20 minutes
provided that traffic's okay.
he was from that messenger company, right? Okay.
We spent the rest of the day on the phone
calling everyone we could think of who could possibly lead us to Drew.
Jon had worked with Eric Roberts in the past,
and Eric is currently on a TV show with Andy Dick.
Well, Andy was in a movie with Drew in 1997
and I heard they are still good friends.
I was thinking of course of Eric
and I know that Eric is on the show-
yeah, with Andy, and Andy knows Drew.
I thought it would be cool to talk with both Andy and Eric.
Want Corey Feldman?
He's like, "Yeah, totally. Eric would be up for it.
Do you want Corey Feldman?" And I was like,
"Of course I want Corey Feldman. " -
Who doesn't?
There's no cuff involved. It's off the cuff.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I got it.
I'm sitting on a bench with Eric Roberts. This is cool.
Now, I've had a crush on Drew Barrymore since I was 10.
Like a harmless crush, not stalker crush, harmless crush.
All the stalkers say that.
Yeah right, exactly.
Well, first of all, Drew's in really good shape now.
'cause she's in "Charlie's Angels. " She's all hip and cool
and cut up.
I think first thing is you have to get a body to die for.
The thing that everybody always thinks you're in shape if you have
is a stomach.
Abs. And that has to come first and foremost every workout.
And it's all about diet too.

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