Cinderella Man (2005): Presenting the Competitors


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The clip presenting the competitors from Cinderella Man (2005) with David Huband, Paddy Considine

Who?s Jim Braddock?
Get your pencil out. I got your lead line.
I?m not kidding. Write this down.
The walk from the locker room to the ring was the only time tonight Jim Braddock...
Looking good, Jimmy!
was seen on his feet. You got that?
Before the championship baffle, we?ll bring you a special bout,
featuring Charlie Harvey?s soldier boy, Corn Griffin.
Griffin is the fella that ran rings around the champion Camera in training.
His opponent? Looks like they dug old Jim Braddock out of retirement
for one more fight.
Isn?t that your buddy?
In this corner...
the sensational heavyweight slugger from Fort Benning, Georgia,
who?s punching a path to the top of the division,
John Corn Griffin.
Corn Griffin.
His opponent, the popular battler
who has never been KO?d in more than 80 professional bouts...
Quincy, beer. We got a fight.
Coming right up.
...from North Bergen, New Jersey,
James J. Braddock.
The skinny from ringside is that Braddock won?t last two rounds.
Griffin is the five-to-one favorite.
Joe Gould claims Braddock?s right hand is fine.
Jimmy will need two good hands tonight.

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