Cinderella Man (2005): Excitment About Winning


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The clip excitment about winning from Cinderella Man (2005) with Paul Giamatti, Russell Crowe

Settle down, for Christ?s sake!
Jesus H. Christ.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Mary Magdalene, all the saints and mothers and... Jesus!
Did I say Jesus? Where the hell did that come from?
When my hand was broken, I had to work down the docks and I had to use my left.
So... Well, no, that and luck.
Sheer, dumb-ass Irish luck.
Don?t give me that luck of the Irish crap.
Lucky? That?s something you ain?t been in a long time, brother.
Everybody?s due.
Due or not, I?ll take it.
You had the left. The left
but you were bouncy.
You were bouncy. You went: pop, pop, bang!
Pop, pop, bang!
Unbelievable. Pop, pop, slide.
Sliding, slipping. You were like a cat.
I did that on hash.
Imagine what I would?ve done to him if I?d had a couple of steaks.
That was one hell of a goodbye.
Here you go, fellas.

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