Cinderella Man (2005): Revocing Jimmy's Liscence


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The clip revocing jimmy's liscence from Cinderella Man (2005) with Bruce McGill, Paul Giamatti

An embarrassment, that?s what it was.
An embarrassment!
Where the hell?s the purse?
You wouldn?t have to be asking that if you gave a shit about your fighter.
OK. OK. He?s fighting hurt.
Maybe you got fat and happy fighters who can afford to rest between bouts.
I don?t know. Lucky you.
Christ, he hardly gets a punch in!
Fights being stopped by referees? He?s pathetic!
Fights like that keep people away.
We?re revoking his license, Joe.
Whatever Braddock was gonna do in boxing, I guess he?s done it.
Wait a minute.
That?s all.
Oh, boy.
Mr. Johnston!
What?s going on?
You didn?t tell him?
Yeah, of course I told him. He wanted to hear it from you.
Come on, Mr. Johnston. No contest?
I broke my hand. OK? It?s legit. You don?t see me crying about it.
I don?t see what you got to complain about. I still put on a show. I did what I could do.
You know, we did that boondock circuit for you
me and Joe. Remember?
I didn?t quit on you. And I didn?t quit tonight.
I didn?t always lose. I won?t always lose again.
I can still fight.
Go home.
I can still fight.
Go home to Mae and the kids, Jim.

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