Cinderella Man (2005): The Fight is on


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You can do this. This guy is made for you.
Have a picnic, all right?
There?s the bell, and the fight is on.
The boys come out and immediately Braddock shoots a left to Max?s jaw.
That's it. Take it right to him, Jimmy.
Now, now.
He snaps Braddock?s head back with two uppercuts.
It's always the question of which Max will show up in the first round
killer or clown?
It looks like he?s enjoying himself, mugging for the crowd.
A big flurry by Braddock. A vicious right to the head.
Take it easy, pal. I'll let it go a couple of rounds.
Madcap Maxie is heavily favored to put the long snore on Jim in the first round.
That right hand is dynamite, especially with his man on the ropes.
He?s gonna carry him for a couple of rounds.
Break it up. Break it up, I said!
Jim survived the round and looked pretty good doing it.
Braddock will not be bullied, not tonight.
When he does this horseshit, knock it off. He?s trying to thumb you.
And then slip inside of there and shorten up the punches, right?
Shorten ?em up. That's your turf. Inside is yours.
Put him down, Braddock!
Come on, Braddock!

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