Cinderella Man (2005): the Press Conference


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The clip the press conference from Cinderella Man (2005) with Russell Crowe, Gavin Grazer

How about it, Pete, yeah? Time-out.
That?s it. Keep your questions short and to the point.
We?re gonna start off with Frank Essex. Frank Essex.
Take it easy, Petey. Jeez. Frank Essex, Daily News.
A lot of reporters here today, a lot of people interested in this fight.
What do you got to say to your fans today, Jimmy?
I guess I?m grateful for the opportunity.
I know that these days not everybody gets a second chance.
I have a lot to be grateful for.
I have three beautiful, healthy, troublemaking kids.
And I have the prettiest wife a man could wish for.
Bob Johnson, Boston Globe.
Two days ago we ran a story about you giving your relief money back.
Can you tell our readers why?
I believe we live in a great country.
A country that?s great enough to help a man financially when he?s in trouble.
But lately I have had some good fortune and I?m back in the black,
and I just thought I should return it.
Listen, what?s the first thing you?re gonna do if you make world champion?
First thing? I?m gonna have to go and buy some turtles.
I said to the kids when I left the house this morning I was gonna bring back the title,
and they thought I said turtle.
So, naturally, I don?t wanna let ?em down.
But if I could bring back the title and a turtle, they sure would be tickled.
You got that? Title, turtle. Right?
Jake Greenblatt from Chicago Trib.
Hello, Jake.
It?s been a while. What?s changed, Jimmy?
I mean, you couldn?t win a fight for love or money, right?

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