Ray (2004): Play Chess


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The clip play chess from Ray (2004) with Jamie Foxx

Okay. Uh-oh.
You might be in trouble right there, Doc.
Hot damn, you whupped my ass again!
I-I'll tell you what, I won't lose again the same way twice.
I spoke with the judge in Boston, and he'll agree to probation.
He was impressed with your attorney's arguments, and he believes you deserve one more chance.
Oh, that's great.
But you must complete our program and agree to take periodic drug tests.
You know what. I'll do it. I know people don't believe
I'm done with this dope, but I'm finished.
Who's George?
Ray, you've come through the worst of the physical reactions.
We should begin psychotherapy sessions.
Uh, look, forget the head shrinking, Doc.
I can handle this.
Mr. Charles, you're not the first celebrity junkie I've treated.
Junkie? What...
Nobody cons me at any price.
I'm not trying to do that.
If you want me to give that judge a positive report, you will have to earn it.
Dr. Hacker?

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