Ray (2004): Afraid of the Dark


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The clip Afraid of the dark from Ray (2004) with Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx

You can't hide out in here forever, Ray.
Look, it's my house. I'm not in prison yet.
No, it's my house.
You ain't been here more than six days since we moved in.
No, Ray, no! A needle ain't gonna solve this!
Get out of the way. Move!
Only thing that can help you is God, Ray.
Don't think of God? Do you have any idea how it feels to go blind and still be afraid of the dark?
And every day, you stand pray for just a little light, and you get nothing.
'Cause God don't listen to people like me.
Stop talking like that.
As far as I'm concerned, me and God is even and I do what I please.
If goddamn it, if I want to shoot up, I shoot up.
Then go ahead! But you walk out that door and I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago.
I'm taking my boys and I'll leave.
You're not going away. You... you have no place to go.
No place? No.
You think I'm scared of losing this?
Ray, the only thing I was ever scared of losing was you.
Because where was I ever gonna find another Ray Robinson?
So I put up with some terrible stuff.
Maybe that makes me part to blame.
But I ain't scared no more.
You know I love you and those boys more than anything.
That is a damn lie and you know it!
You ever look at this?
Really look at it, Ray!
Ray Charles Junior's "Most Valuable Player."
He was so proud this day, until you came home too loaded to go to his banquet.
No! No! There is something you love more than me and them boys, more than all the women you ever slept with on the road, more than all the dope you ever took.
What are you talking about? Your music.
And if you don't stop using that needle, they're gonna take away your music and put you in jail.

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