Ray (2004): Girls


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The clip girls from Ray (2004) with Jamie Foxx, Bokeem Woodbine

? Baby, let me hold your hand ?
? Till I make you understand ?
? Oh, baby ?
? Let me hold your hand ?
? I really true believe ?
This fool makes one record, and you'd think he's the star of the band.
Well, he's got somethin', ain't he?
His wax won't even hit the charts.
You're still the man.
? I want you to know ?
? I'm in love ??
She wasn't that fine.
There's somethin' wrong with you.
No, man, she's fine. She's fine. You leave her alone.
Look at Ray.
You see that?
He feels her wrist 'cause he figures that's the way to tell if she's good-looking or not.
You know I had my eye on you all night long.
Oh, he right this time.
See what a little fame does to Null and Void?
Anybody see that fine-looking gal in the yellow dress?
You hear this man?
You snooze, you lose.
We gonna dock your pay, man.

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