Ray (2004): Demand Money


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The clip demand money from Ray (2004) with Carol Sutton, Sharon Warren

Stop cheating, Ray.
George, you can't catch me. Come on.
Come on, George.
Aretha Robinson, have you lost your mind?
Eula, you promised to split every wash basket with me, fair and square!
And I did!
Hell, you did!
You charge white folks one thing and pay me another.
Now who's gonna wash these?
You can. Now pay me my money!
Okay, I'm a-giving you your two little dollars.
But don't you be expectin' no more work out of me!
I got all I need out of you.
Ray and George, come on!
That's right. Get out of my yard and don't y'all never come back!
Y'all got to learn to read and write real good, so you never have to work for people like that.
Scratch a liar, find a thief.
Yes, Mama.

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