Ray (2004): Tour Part 2


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The clip tour Part 2 from Ray (2004) with Bokeem Woodbine

? Everyday ?
? Everyday I have the blues ?
? Everyday, everyday ?
Pay up, baby! Yeah, that's all right.
I been shootin' craps since I was 12 years old.
Don't never shoot craps on a white woman's grave.
Why not?
It's bad luck.
? You know bad luck and trouble, people ?
? Well, you know I had my share ?
That's for being late to the bus.
Wilbur, you a low-down piece...
You better move on.
Ah, Mr. One-dollar Bill.
$5, $10, $15, $20...
Now, you like to start counting that again?
All right, damn you.
$284, $285...
Listen, man, I ain't no damn seein'-eye dog.
? You know ain't nobody worried about me ?
? I don't see nobody, nobody cryin' ??

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