Ray (2004): New Studio


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The clip new studio from Ray (2004) with Jamie Foxx, Harry Lennix

Yeah, headquarters!
This is it, Ray. Your brand-new recording studio.
Did you get everything I asked for?
Totally state-of-the-art.
Tom Dowd built an eight-track mixing console, two recorders, the works.
Now, this room is bigger than most people's houses.
Got your own private bathroom to your left.
Right behind you is my adjoining office.
And step over to your private bar to your left.
Got a bottle of Bols right in the center.
You know me pretty good.
If you run out, shout, I'm right next door.
This is nice, right here.
It's the house that Ray built.
Yes, it is.
? Born to lose ?
? I've lived my life in vain ??

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