Ray (2004): Racism in the South


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The clip racism in the south from Ray (2004) with Jamie Foxx, Larenz Tate

It's a hit record.
What the hell is wrong with that?
Critics say you've gone middle-of-the-road.
The orchestra, the choir, The Perry Como Show, man?
If I feel the music, that means it's real.
No, it ain't. Ray Charles is a sellout.
The blind Liberace, leaving those Rocking Chair roots behind.
Quincy Jones.
Can we get a picture of these two guys?
Six-nine! Hey, boy.
Look, here, uh, this interview is over.
I'd love to get you two together, man.
S-some other time.
Look at you. How's it going, man? You look good.
Let me look at you. You look good, too.
You hear what they're saying about me?
I just said that l... I can't do it no more. I've gone middle-of-the-road.
So crank out another hit.
Let me tell you something, it ain't easy to keep on being greezy, kid.
Where you blow in from?
Yeah, man. France is where it's at.
Yeah, man. And all that stuff you've been playing, man, it's just... it really feels out of sight.
You know, we gotta record something together.
I mean, people will really dig it.
So, where you going after the Festival?
Oh, l... I go to D.C., Richmond, uh, Virginia, Georgia.
You know what, once you get the record out there, you gotta sell it.
The South, man?
I'm not doing that no more.
Hey, come on, kid, that's where the money is, baby.
You know, When I left Seattle with Hamp, we went down there, man.
And it felt like I walked into a prison cell.
You know, a black man is a "boy" in Mississippi, Ray.
Even if he's 80 years old.
I'm never playing to Jim Crow again. Ever.
If that's what you feel, baby.
I'm serious, Ray. Man, we gotta do something.
Well, you know, what... what the hell, man.
You're just going to leave a lot more money on the table for me.
You're welcome to it, man.

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