Ray (2004): Club Part 2


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The clip club Part 2 from Ray (2004) with Jamie Foxx, Sharon Warren

I got it.
Uh-uh, what do y'all want to hear?
How about a little Nat King Cole?
Y'all like Nat King Cole?
? If you ever plan to travel west ?
'Bama ain't bad.
Yeah, I'd say he saved our asses.
What the hell is Ray doin' up there?
Auditioning for you, Gossie.
He ain't no good without me.
How'd you and the 'Bama like to do a week here at the Chair?
I know a good bass player.
A nice jazz trio could score big with the right manager.
Come on now, Gossie, don't be so small-minded.
You know you've got to give to get.
Now what exactly do I have to give?
25 percent.
But I'll be gettin' you other gigs.
All right, next question: What do I get?
What do you need?
Double scale as leader, plus 10 percent.
What about the 'Bama?
He's about as green as a blade of grass.
I can handle him.
? Flagstaff, Arizona ?
Yeah, he's green.
? Kingman, Barstow ?
So, Gossie, you don't need to worry about a hotel room for the 'Bama.
He can flop at my place.
Hey, y'all never change.
? Get your kicks on Route sixty-six ??
Ray, you coming back to bed?

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