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The clip canadian healthcare system from Sicko (2007)

As the blade went through, it caught the glove I was wearing
and it sliced through the entire group of fingers, completely taking them off.
And I realized that I needed help immediately.
Obviously, putting on amputated fingers or arms or limbs
is one of the more dramatic things we can do.
If you're looking at five fingers, you're looking at a 24-hour operation.
There actually was four surgeons, as well as all the nurses
and two different anesthetists to carry out an operation of that magnitude.
When Brad came in, we didn't have to worry about whether he could afford it.
He needed help and we could concentrate on the best way to bring him through it.
I met this American, he'd cut off the ends of two of his fingers with a saw.
So when he arrived at the hospital, they told him one finger's gonna cost $60,000,
and the other one was gonna be $12,000.
He had to choose which finger he could afford.
Down. Bend the long finger down.
We've never told someone that they couldn't put a finger back on
because the system wouldn't allow it.
I'm very glad I work within a system that allows me the freedom to look after people,
and not have to make choices like that.
It seems nothing we were told about the Canadian system was true.
Maybe I was just in the wrong part of town.
So I went across the city to a crowded hospital waiting room.
How long did you have to wait here to get help?
20 minutes.
45 minutes.
I got helped right away.
You can see how crowded this is.
They really do an amazing job.
Did you have to get permission to come to this hospital?
We can go anywhere we want.
You don't have to get it preapproved by your insurance company?
Oh, heavens, no.
Can you choose your doctor?
Oh, yes.
What's your deductible?

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