Sicko (2007): Doctor's Salary in Englang


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The clip doctor's salary in englang from Sicko (2007)

A report from the AMA into the health of 55
to 64-year-olds
says Brits are far healthier than Americans.
For every illness that we looked at. Americans had more of it than English.
Cancer. Heart disease. Hypertension. Strokes. Lung disease.
All significantly higher for Americans.
Even the poorest people in England
with all the environmental factors that give them the worst health in the country
can expect to live longer than the wealthiest people in America.
I was wondering. Though. What's it like for the doctors here in Britain.
Who have to live under this kind of state control?
And you're a family doctor?
Yeah, I suppose we'd call them GPs or general practitioners here.
Right, so you have a family practice?
Yeah, it's an NHS practice.
We have nine doctors in that practice.
Paid for by the government?
You work for the government? You're a government-paid doctor.
A patient comes to you. Before you treat them, do you have to call
the government insurance company before you treat them?
No, I don't deal with money at all on an everyday basis.
Have you ever had to say no to someone who was sick and needed help?
No, never.
Have you heard of anyone
being in the hospital and being removed because they couldn't pay their bill?
No, never. And I wouldn't want to work in that system.
So working for the government, you probably have to use public transport?
No. I have a car that I use and I drive to work.
An old beater?
You live in a rough part of town?
I live in a terrific part of town. It's called Greenwich.

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