Sicko (2007): Healthcare in France Part 3


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The clip healthcare in france Part 3 from Sicko (2007)

One of the principles is solidarity.
People who are better off pay for those who are worse off.
You pay according to your means and you receive according to your needs.
Do you think that will ever work in America?
He could barely contain his seething anti-Americanism.
And I just didn't want to listen to any more of it.
So I found a group of Americans currently living in Paris.
Who I know would tell me the truth.
I was diagnosed five years ago with Type I diabetes.
I was a bit nervous to tell them I had...
To tell the French?
There's a place to check off if you have a chronic condition.
I was nervous that they were going to charge me more.
And instead, I went into a hospital, and had round-the-clock care.
And they do an amazing amount of preventative care.
They asked if you have a preexisting condition,
not to punish you, but to give you more help?
I was in the hospital for a year.
As soon as I was in, it was, "Well, don't worry, just rest."
People said "Rest."
How many sick days do you get a year?
I think it's unlimited.
Yes. How can you limit sick days? If you're sick, you're sick.
I've gone to emergency rooms numerous times, with four boys.
And have never waited more than an hour. Never.
I can call and somebody comes to the house in half an hour.
No way? Making a house call? At your place?
How many of you have had a house call from a doctor? No!
3:00am last Friday.
And how much does this cost you?
What's this service called?

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