Sicko (2007): Moving to Canada for Healthcare Part 2


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The clip moving to canada for healthcare Part 2 from Sicko (2007)

It's something you don't have to worry about or go out of your way to get.
Stress free.
They called the cops.
The presence of our camera
alerted the clinic that something was up.
And I don't think I'm gonna get seen now.
So I have another idea.
I'm gonna go down to the other clinic.
There is a clinic down... one that we passed.
The police showed up over there. Look.
Yes. What Adrian was doing was illegal. But we're Americans.
We go into other countries when we need to.
It's tricky. But it's allowed.
It's kind of frustrating having... I mean...
Just get married and that'd solve everything
she'd be covered.
Americans marry Canadians just for the healthcare!
I'm being used.
Sounds like a good idea.
See if it works. Start something. Start a trend.

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