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The clip canadian healthcare from Sicko (2007)

In Canada they give everybody free healthcare.
Doesn't it work up there?
No, unfortunately it doesn't.
We wait months to get treatment you can get in a week or a few days here.
In Canada you have to wait nine to ten months for bypass surgery.
Many Canadians believe it's the healthcare system itself that's sick.
They pay their doctors less.
A surgeon can only do a certain number of operations each year.
With only so many expensive new pieces of equipment.
It's easier for your cat or dog to receive an MRI here in America.
You die of cancer waiting for chemo 'cause all of Ottawa has one chemo machine.
If you think socialized medicine is a good idea, ask a Canadian.
I thought who better to ask than my Canadian relatives. Bob and Estelle.
But they wouldn't cross the border into America.
They wanted me to meet them at Sears. In Canada.
What are you guys doing here?
We're buying insurance.
We're going to the States to see you.
Right, that's just across the river.
You wouldn't go over to see us in Michigan for a couple of hours without insurance?
No, we wouldn't. We're just adamant about it. We would not do it.
If somebody punches us in the mouth or something, something like that...
You don't want to get caught in the American health system thing?
We have nothing against Americans or America, or anything like that at all.
We're a nice and simple people.
Not very simple, but certainly very nice.
I decided to explore their anti-American views further.
Over some fine Canadian cuisine.
We have a friend who went to Hawaii.
And he sustained a head injury while he was there.
And before he was well enough to come home,
he had chalked up a bill of over $600,000.

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