Sicko (2007): Hospitals Drop People off


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The clip hospitals drop people off from Sicko (2007)

Meanwhile. Back at home.
Hospitals had found a new way to deal with patients
who didn't have health insurance
and couldn't pay their bill.
I was standing against the wall and I saw a cab do a U-turn and pull up to the curb.
I watched to see what was happening 'cause I had a feeling what would occur,
'cause it's not a new thing.
They pulled up right here by this yellow fire hydrant
and dropped Carol off and immediately pulled away.
And as soon as they pulled away, she walked out into the street about up to here.
She then walked all the way down to the driveway down here, completely confused,
has no shoes on whatsoever and just a hospital gown.
And those gowns are thin.
That's when one of our staff members went and asked Carol if she needed assistance
and found out that she was disoriented and didn't know where she was.

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