Sicko (2007): Happy Life in France


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The clip happy life in france from Sicko (2007)

Free college education. Free medical care.
Government-issued nannies.
I began to wonder how do they pay for all this?
And then I realized they're drowning in taxes!
I wanted to see what effect this would have on a nice French family.
So I went to find out.
Hello. Welcome.
Hello. Thank you.
It's very nice.
It's the news.
What is your combined income for the two of you together for, say one month?
All right. You're an engineer and she's an assistant? Not bad.
How much is your mortgage?
How many cars do you own?
Do you owe money from medical bills?
Is there any other debt? Loans, anything?
Only the apartment.
What are your other expenses?
The fish.
Fish. Vegetables.
Vegetables are a big monthly expense for you.
Yes. And fruit. Yogurt.
What are your other big expenses?
Very important.

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