Sicko (2007): Ignore Helping Volunteers of 9/11

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Published 25 Nov 2011
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The clip ignore helping volunteers of 9/11 from Sicko (2007)

Don't forget about the raffles going on over ...
The clip ignore helping volunteers of 9/11 from Sicko (2007)

Don't forget about the raffles going on over there
one dollar each.
I spent two and a half years down there.
I got upper and lower breathing problems.
I need a double lung transplant, but was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.
I haven't slept in a bed in over five years, I sleep on a chair with a blanket,
because if I lay down I can't breathe.
There were hundreds of rescue workers on 911
who were not city employees.
But rather ran down to Ground Zero on their own to help out.
We need volunteers for first aid!
And many developed serious respiratory illnesses.
That's when the government said:
"They're not our responsibility because they weren't on our payroll. "
John Graham is an EMT volunteer from Paramus. New Jersey.
He was in Lower Manhattan when he heard the planes hit.
And rushed over to help.
He worked in the rescue effort for the next few months.
But then had trouble receiving benefits for his illness.
They just deny you for any reason. It's just a terrible waiting game.
I really feel like they're waiting for you to die.
It's terrible. I never thought that we would do this,
that the United States would do this.
William Maher is a volunteer member of New Jersey's fire service.
He spent to months working near The Pile at Ground Zero.
Recovering bodies or body parts. And it deeply affected him.
I'm experiencing a lot of disturbing dreams,
or whatever you'd like to call them,
and it affected what I was doing at night,
and unaware of it because I was asleep
and I just kept grinding and grinding my teeth.
The upper fronts are damaged, practically beyond repair,
because of my constant grinding over the last three years.
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