The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Hula Hoop on the News


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The clip Hula hoop on the news from The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) with Tim Robbins

World news in pictures, we kid you not!
As Old Man 1958 hobbles towards his finish...
...Barnes is the name on every American lip.
Norville Barnes, young president of Hudsucker Industries...
...a boy bred in the heartland, but now the toast of New York.
Barnes is the brainy inventor of America's craziest craze: The Hula Hoop!
Reaping huge profits for his company and winning the hearts...
...and hips of every youngster in America!
Did I say youngster?
Here's Mom taking a break from her household chores...
...and even Dad is swinging into the act!
Cards, letters, congratulations come pouring in from Kankakee to Petaluma...
...including one very special long-distance call.
He's on! He's on the line!
Hello, Norville. This is the President.
Ijust wanted to congratulate you. I'm very proud of you.
Mrs. Eisenhower is very proud of you.
The American people are very proud of you.
How'd you come up with the idea for the Hula Hoop?
It was no great idea, really.
A thing like this takes a whole company to put together. I'm grateful.
Did you have any idea there'd be such a huge response?
Frankly, I don't think anybody expected this much hoopla.
"Hoopla on the Hula Hoop. " Can we quote you on that, Mr. Barnes?
Sure, I guess.
Will you give yourself a nice, fat raise?
Come on, you guys.
What scientific principle explains the motion of this wheel of wonder?

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