The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Amy Types Up the Article


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The clip Amy types up the article from The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Richard Whiting

Go, Eagles!
"Once the Munce... "
Holy moly!
Is this guy from Chumpsville? I even pulled the old mother routine.
That gag's got whiskers on it.
I'm telling you, the Hudsucker Board's up to something.
What's a six-letter word for an affliction of the hypothalamus?
It's a cinch. Goiter. It's a cinch this guy isn't in on it.
She's right here.
How much time to make the late final?
Hi, Chief, just the person I wanted to apologize to.
About seven minutes.
I was all wet about your Idea Man.
Well, thanks for being so generous. It is human and you are divine.
No, he's no faker.
He's a 100%%% real McCoy, beware of imitations, genuine article.
The guy's a real moron, as in a five-letter word for imbecile.
As pure a specimen as I've ever run across.
If I'm not an expert...
...then my name isn't Amy Archer and I never won the Pulitzer.
In 1957.
My series on the reunited triplets.
Come down here, hammerhead, and I'll show it to you!
What's a three-letter word for a flightless bird?
Not now, I'm busy.
I said, "hammerhead" as in a ten-letter word for a smug, bullying newspaper man.
Gnu. That's G-N-U.
Couldn't find the Empire State Building with a compass, map and a guide.
Or emu?
That's just potatoes. Here's the gravy. The chump really liked me.
A Muncie girl!
Better off falling for a rattlesnake.
This guy's just a patsy and I'm gonna find out what for.
There's a real story here, some kind of plot, set-up... Did I tell you?
He didn't offer you money?
A sawbuck!

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