The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Mussberger at the Desk


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The clip Mussberger at the desk from The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) with Paul Newman

Harry Gambotz?
No, too risky. He's green but he's not slow.
Who is he?
No, I want an imbecile, not a cipher, or you'd have the job.
They moved him to grommets and O-rings.
He's doing pretty well.
No, not McClanahan.
He bungled the Teleyard merger so he's got something to prove.
Who let you in?
Atwater? Tremendous. Except I just fired him last week.
Mr. Mussburger...
...Mr. Bumstead's waiting downstairs.
I'll be right there.
Yes, Mr. Mussburger.
Spit it out!
Maybe you're the company's biggest moron.
We can't use Morris. Been here too long. He's a nice guy with too many friends.
In fact, why don't you fire him? Scratch that, I'll fire him.
Make it fast. Fast!
Mr. Bumstead is growing restless.
Tell him I'll be right there. Give him a magazine.
What are you, a mute?
How's the stock?
Bad? Well, it's not bad enough.
Listen, chump.
Either you find me a ding-dong or tender your key to the executive washroom.
That goes double for you, pal. Earclay? Oodgay!

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