Street Fighter (1994): the Army Attacks


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The clip the army attacks from Street Fighter (1994) with Raul Julia, Damian Chapa

Hey! Good-bye!
We'll do what we can.
Okay. Go.
Attention, all troopers.
Remember that maintaining your health plan benefits is your responsibility.
Mainframe link has been severed.
Where's Blanka?
I don't know, General. Everything's crossing!
He's fighting my men!
The cerebral programming! Quick, patch it in here!
Now! Keep movin'! Let's rock and roll!
Hup, hup! Watch your step!
Then defeat is a possibility. Very well.
We shall face it together, Dee Jay,
With the stoicism...
of the true warrior.
Battle systems are compromised.
Estimated repair time: 18 months, 24 days.
Sayonara, buddy.

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