Street Fighter (1994): Bison's Transmission Part 2


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The clip bison's transmission Part 2 from Street Fighter (1994) with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia

He took the bait. Trace that signal stat!
Why do you address a fellow warrior with such disrespect?
Warrior? You?
How many doctors and nurses have you killed this week?
How many children have you orphaned?
You will choke on those words, Guile.
Anytime, dickhead.
We'll go worldwide just like now.
General, they're tracing this.
You think you're so clever, Guile.
Think about this. You have three days.
If my $20 billion are not delivered by then,
the hostages will die, and the world will hold you responsible!
Bison! Bison!
You hostages, if you can hear me,
we're coming, we're coming!
Charlie, hang on, buddy. We're coming!
We're coming!
Hang on, buddy.
Carlos Blanka.
So you are Guile's friend.
Take him to the laboratory.
Attention, all personnel.
Until zero hour, all off-duty personnel...
must be in full gear with sidearms until further notice.
We couldn't trace it. He broke off too soon.
You know what? For a minute, you were almost useful.
He doesn't like women, does he?
Oh, no. No, he doesn't like journalists.
I assure you, it's an equal-opportunity dislike.
Let's get ready to rumble

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