Savage Grace (2007): Moving to Paris


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The clip moving to paris from Savage Grace (2007)

What was it he said?
Hemingway, I think. Or the other one...
Yes. It was one of them.
Who said?
What it is I'm trying to remember!
I'm turning into Nini.
Monsieur, encore. Merci bien.
I know. It was about Paris, I think.
"If you're tired of Paris, you're tired of everything. "
I remember.
"To say that one is tired of Paris
"is in fact to say that one is tired of life. "
Something like that.
Mummy hoped that with a new place would come better things for us,
and she was right - but not completely so.
But still, Paris was a step up in the world.
It was in Paris that I started writing backwards in my notebook
so that no one could read my thoughts.
But Mummy seemed to be able to read them anyway,
as if she were inside my head, looking out.
My great-grandfather Leo once said:
"One of the uses of money is
"that it allows us not to live with the consequences of our mistakes. "
But I fear that, in this, Leo was wrong.

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