Savage Grace (2007): Dinner Party


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The clip dinner party from Savage Grace (2007)

Mr. and Mrs. Baekeland. Right this way, ma'am.
She's gorgeous.
Wonderful to see you.
How do you do?
I'm Barbara.
How do you do?
Why, it was with Dieter that Brooks went on his great adventure, in Peru,
in the Villa...
Darling, you know I'm not at my best with geography.
Brooks, help me. Villa?
Darling, don't press. Maybe your husband doesn't feel like in midst of dinner.
Brooks, please, if you don't feel like performing...
Dieter and I, we went to the Vilcabamba in Peru.
So tell us, man, what was your "little adventure"?
It was nothing.
Well, I lie. It was something.
I was intrigued by a 400-year-old mystery - what became of Manco Inca.
I wanted to find the ruins of the lost city.
This is actually true. Give him a dirt road and he'll go up it.
That's very good.
Would you, Simone?
Oh, I don't know.
Your husband asked you a question.
This seems... unfair.
This seems... tedious.

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