Savage Grace (2007): Infidelity Discovered at Airport


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The clip infidelity discovered at airport from Savage Grace (2007)

Por favor. Adonde hora esta la aeroplane de Nice?
Landing? When it lands?
Oh, it's been delayed.
So, 6p. m. Anytime after that.
Paging Mr. Baekeland - to the Aviaco counter, please.
Paging, please, Mr. Baekeland - to Aviaco.
Your party is waiting.
Boarding time's at 1:30, no?
Let me see.
Yeah, it's 1:30.
Come, darling.
That's right, that's you I'm talking about you, little puta.
You little whore!
Aun no estamos embarcando.
Senor, por favor.
You are truly disgusting, do you know that?
You and your little Spanish cunt.
You're speaking too loudly.
I am speaking of a cunt, half your age.
She looked at Tony, looked at you, thought for about five seconds,
and said to herself, "Ha! That's where the money is. "
You go on about your grandfather and the life of the fucking mind.

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