Savage Grace (2007): Dancing on the Beach Part 2


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The clip dancing on the beach Part 2 from Savage Grace (2007)

I don't know.
What's she like?
I don't know. She's Spanish.
Well, with a name like Blanca...
Blanca what?
I don't know Blanca what.
This is not a city, it's a port, so when we hang out,
it's typically on a first-name basis.
And if what you're asking is, "Does she come from bonne famille?"...
You know, if that's what you're asking, well...
aren't there enough counts and countesses in that stack of cartes de visite in the foyer,
just the way that Nini taught you?
The carte from Prince Bernhard is always on top, and the bills on the bottom.
You will not speak to your mother like that.
I will not stand for it.
Oh, piss off.
A mother knows.
When her son... when her son might like someone.

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