The Fast and the Furious (2001): a 10 Second Car


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The clip a 10 second car from The Fast and the Furious (2001) with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

What about parts and service?
Hold off on it.
Dom, I don't know what to do with it.
All right, what the hell is this? What do you got there?
This is your car.
My car?
I said a 10-second car, not a 10-minute car.
You could push this across the finish line, or tow it.
You couldn't even tow that across the finish line.
No faith.
I have faith in you, but this isn't a junkyard.
This is a garage.
Pop the hood.
Pop the hood?
Pop the hood.
2JZ engine. No shit.
And what did I tell you?
I retract my previous statement.
You know what?
This will decimate all after you put about $15,000 in it.
Or more, if we have to overnight parts from Japan.
We'll put it on my tab at Harry's.
I gotta get you racing again so I can make some money off your ass.
There's a show down in the desert called Race Wars.
That's where you'll do it.
When you're not working at Harry's, you're working here.
If you can't find the right tool in this garage, Mr. Arizona you don't belong near a car.
He owns you now.
Tell me what you think about this. Koni adjustables.
Gonna save us about 2 pounds.

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