The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down (2006): Getting Inside


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The clip getting inside from The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down (2006)

the entry process at the club is random and frustrating,
and unless you personally know the bouncer, then ignore him.
Don't try and be friends.
He doesn't wanna talk to you.
The person you need to work on is the guy or girl with the list.
Let me do the talking.
Hi. Can we come in?
Are you on the list?
Maybe. I don't know if they put me on. Bryce Vandermass.
Yeah. I'm sorry, no Bryce.
What about me? Andy Harper.
Sorry, no.
Come on! Please.
Maybe later. You guys get in line.
What the fuck? There's not even anyone in there.
There's no need to swear.
Sorry, guys. Not tonight.
There's no one in there!
It's not gonna happen. It's a private party.
Nice going.
They have painted themselves into a corner,
and must endure the humiliation of walking back through the people
they just pushed in front of.
Now, let's try it again.
But this time Bryce will provide a distraction
while his friend Andy scopes the list as it is being checked.
Hey, what's up? I should be on the list.
Bryce Vandermass.
Note the confidence in his voice.
And see how Andy positions himself.
Andy studies the list while the door girl checks it.
Note how he looks for a name that has not been crossed off
with a plus one.
Maybe it's under my name. Oliver Quinn. We're bookers at Sunset Town.
Andy drops the name of an agency, because this is a talent agency party.
But it could easily have been a magazine or record release party.
The point is, it worked. So savor the moment.
Hey, can you get us in?
What's your name?
I'm Carly.
Guys, in or out.
My friend's the promoter here.
I'll go find him. Come back.
We'll get you guys in.
I just told you, go inside.
Dude, just cheer up. She's my girlfriend.
Dude, you just met her. Go inside!
Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.
Just don't get too cocky.

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