Babe (1995): Pigs Are Food


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The clip pigs are food from Babe (1995) with Russi Taylor, Christine Cavanaugh

Oh, do forgive me for scratching you, dear.
I got a bit carried away. It's a cat thing.
Oh. Well-
[ Chuckles ] But oh--
Feeling good about tomorrow, are you?
Mm-hmm. It should be all right, I think.
I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm not sure if you realize how much the other animals are laughing at you for this sheepdog business.
Why would they do that?
Well, they say that you've forgotten that you're a pig. Isn't that silly?
They even say that you don't know what pigs are for.
What do you mean?
You know... why pigs are here.
Why are any of us here?
Well, the cow's here to be milked.
The dogs are here to help the boss's husband with the sheep.
And I'm here to be beautiful and affectionate to the boss.
[ Sighs ]
The fact is that pigs don't have a purpose.
Just like ducks don't have a purpose.
I don't-
All right, for you own sake, I'll be blunt.
Why do the bosses keep ducks? To eat them.
So why do the bosses keep a pig?
The fact is that animals that don't seem to have a purpose really do have a purpose.
The bosses have to eat. It's probably the most noble purpose of all when you come to think about it.
They eat pigs?
Pork, they call it. Or bacon.
They only call them pigs when they're alive.
But, uh, I'm a sheep pig!
[ Chuckles ]
The boss's husband's just playing a little game with you.
Believe me, sooner or later, every pig gets eaten.
That's the way the world works.
Oh! I haven't upset you, have I? [ Chuckles ]

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