Babe (1995): the Crime


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The clip the crime from Babe (1995) with Danny Mann, Christine Cavanaugh

Crime and Punishment! [ Laughing ]
The morning of the terrible crime started like any other on Hoggett Farm.
Comin' through! Comin' through! [ Clucking ]
Take off!
[ Chuckles ] Now!
Up, up, up.
[ Clucking ]
Nee-nee-nee nee.
[ Crowing ]
[ Alarm Ringing ]
I was worried it might have a harsh tone, but that's quite a nice musical ring.
I walked into O'Halloran's Hardware, and there it was waiting for me.
What a splendid way to wake up each morning!
Hoggett, dear. Church.
[ Narrator ] When embarking on an audacious crime, a duck needs a willing accomplice.
A creature who is reliable, beyond suspicion, and above all, extremely gullible.
Hey! Psst!
You look like an intelligent, sophisticated, discerning young fella.
Who, me?
Yeah. Follow me. Oh, boy! Are you in for some fun!
What are we doin'? Where are we goin'?
[ Narrator ] Now the duck knew exactly what he had to do.
The alarm clock had to go. His very life depended on it.
[ Duck ] Do you see it?
[ Babe ] So I go through the kitchen, across the living room...
Good, good.
into the bedroom.
Get the mechanical rooster and bring it out to you.
What about that cat?
But quietly bring it out to you.
I don't think I can do it.
It's against the rules. Only dogs and cats allowed in the house.
It's a good rule, but this is bigger than rules. This is life and death.
It is?
Mm-hmm. Follow me.
[ Duck ] Hello! Look, there's something you should know.
Humans eat ducks!
[ Gasps ] I beg your pardon?

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