Babe (1995): Sheep Thieves


Uploaded on November 30, 2011 by AnyClip

The clip sheep thieves from Babe (1995) with Miriam Flynn, Christine Cavanaugh

Hey, Frank, feel like pork for dinner tonight?
Young'un, you're alive!
What's happening? Who are these men?
I'll get him out. Come around, Sniff! [ Whistles ]
Where's our boss? It doesn't seem right.
[ Crying ]
What's wrong, dear?
It's the wrong one!
I want the house I saw on the television!
Oh, there, there.
[ Squealing ]
[ Barking ]
[ Barking ]
Get! Quick! Get the dog in.
[ Whistles ]
Out of the sheep! Come on!
Let's go!
[ Barking ]

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