Babe (1995): Rex and Fly Fight


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The clip rex and fly fight from Babe (1995) with Miriam Margolyes, Hugo Weaving

I know it was hard for you today watching all that happening.
But surely it's not worth all this misery.
Please, dear, not on such a beautiful night.
You put these ideas into his head!
Two-faced traitorous wret--
[ Growling, Snarling ]
Get down!
Down, Rex. Fly!
[ Snarling ]
[ Whimpers ]
[ Narrator ] A dark cloud had descended on the valley.
And the pig felt that the troubles were all his fault.
But he was certain that he knew how to put things right again.
Oh, uh, e-excuse me, sir.
But I-I-I think all this trouble--
[ Snarling, Growling ]
[ Squealing ]
[ Man ] Well, it's not distemper. Can't be rabies.
Must be the hormones.
What about Hoggett's notion, the dog jealous of the wee pig?
I don't see that myself.
[ Mrs. Hoggett ] No. So what should we do?
You can keep him locked up or... snip, snip. I can do it Tuesday.

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