Dou Fo Sin (2007): Under Inspection


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The clip under inspection from Dou fo sin (2007)

January 2nd, 1997.
Club Mongkok, while checking ID, you assaulted a patron,
and broke his pelvis in 3 places. He spent 2 months in the hospital.
How do you plead?
February 17th, 1997.
During a Triad investigation, you assaulted another person,
The criminal sustained serious head injuries.
According to the doctor, he has permanently lost his sense of taste.
How do you plead?
That�s enough.
I'm guilty.
In the first half of this year, on average you have been involved in 14 cases each month.
In each case, you've injured, on average, 3 people.
Half a year! You've already broken your record from last year!
What's the problem with police apprehending criminals?
That's what I do!
Are you going to let us do our jobs, or what?
Inspector Jun, I know that you are an outstanding officer.
You have the highest number of solved cases on record.
But I want to remind you...
You need to pay attention to your attitude and your methods.
I don't see the problem.
OK, you're free to leave.
You know something?
Since I came in, you've talked for an hour straight.
Who knows? In that hour, I could have solved a case!
You need to reconsider your operating standards,
and stop wasting everyone's time.

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